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Bespoke birth preparation courses in your own home.

Hypnobirthing is a holistic method of birth preparation grounded in science and supported by research. It combines breathing and powerful relaxation techniques with tools to reduce anxiety and create a positive mindset.

Each private BirthMind course is designed to meet your specific needs and wishes. I will work with you and your birth partner to develop knowledge and confidence, providing you with impartial information and a variety of strategies and skills to empower you to prepare for your birth experience.


Chloe Lewis
Founder of BirthMind


Signature Hypnobirthing
£325 (£375 weekend/evening)

One-to-one hypnobirthing course providing comprehensive and holistic birth preparation tailored to your specific needs. Builds confidence, reduces anxiety and gives you and your partner the knowledge and tools for a positive birth experience.


Hypnobirthing Refresher
From £175 (£195 weekend/eve)

Designed for those who have used hypnobirthing before, to deepen your existing knowledge, address any concerns about your past birth/s and ensure you have the tools you need for a positive next birth.


Hypnobirthing for Caesarean
From £299 (£325 weekend/eve)

Hypnobirthing course created specifically for planned caesarean birth. Helps you to understand the process, explore your options for a gentle and personalised experience, and prepare for a positive and empowering birth.

Pink Nature

What you can expect from all BirthMind courses:

  • Bespoke 1:1 course in the comfort of your own home, taught in one full day or split over two sessions

  • In-course guided hypnosis 

  • Two hypnobirthing tracks to listen to during pregnancy and birth (recorded by Chloe)

  • Full course materials

  • Birth Partner Information Pack

  • Ongoing support from Chloe by email and phone up to the birth

  • 10% off related services, including Hello Baby group antenatal classes and private midwife appointments

Chloe is a hypnobirthing practitioner qualified through a FEDANT accredited training provider, and the founder of BirthMind. She has a passion for helping women and their partners have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. A life-long enthusiasm for childbirth led her to a career in antenatal education and birth preparation, and her own experiences inform her supportive, positive and non-judgemental approach. Chloe is mum to two young girls and loves baking, pottering in the garden and going on dog walks.

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