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We all lead busy lives and this is even more true once you become a parent. When you are expecting another baby, it can be hard to find the time to focus on the pregnancy. Our six-hour refresher workshops are a chance to think about this baby and this birth, to remind yourself how to care for a newborn, and to reflect and build on your previous experience.

Workshops are led by Hannah, an experienced midwife and Chloe, a hypnobirthing practitioner, both of whom are mums to two young children. We really understand how exciting – but overwhelming – it can feel to be adding to your family! We will guide you through a quick but thorough recap of birth and newborn care to ensure that you are fully informed. You’ll also get lots of strategies to manage common sibling issues and to balance life with two or more, so you can leave feeling confident and prepared for this next chapter. As part of the workshop you will receive a 50+ page digital course companion.


Topics covered in the workshop include:


Stages of labour

Pain relief

Birth preferences and decision-making

The partner's role

Postnatal mind and body

Newborn sleep

Infant feeding



Preparing siblings

First meeting

Emotions and behaviour

Managing with two

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£175 per couple for a group course

£325 for a one-to-one course

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